Full schedule for 2024

6th May 2024 at 13:41

We now have the full schedule for 2024 - and it's a doozy! We also have a few new features this year.

Nico Josuttis speaking

πŸ—£β€ Workshops

As previously announced, we're running 2-day workshops for the first time - three of them! We also have two 1-day workshops, which run back-to-back and have a common theme, so you can even take both!

πŸ›€οΈ 4 Tracks

We are back to a full four tracks for the main conference. In fact this will be the first year we have put on four tracks over a full three days - so we have more content than ever before!

That's just as well because we had some awesome sessions to choose from - and still had to so no to plenty of world class proposals.

We also have two half-day workshops in the main programme. These run on Thursday morning and span 60 minute and 90 minute sessions back-to-back (with a break in-between). They are designed to be attended all the way through, but you can still mix and match them with other sessions.

πŸ— Keynotes

As announced in March, we are very happy to have Dave Abrahams, Daniela Engert and Klaus Iglberger as our keynote speakers this year.

🍿 Movie Night

Another new element is the Movie Night, hosted by Walter Brown, on Wednesday evening. This runs from 20:00 to past 22:00, so is a late one, but will be a fascinating journey through a variety of computing-related topics, told through a series of videos, with music and other fun along the way.

⚑️ Lightning talks + πŸ₯— Dinner on Sea

Returning are two blocks of lightning talks on Wednesday and Thursday late afternoons and the conference dinner (separate ticket required) on the Thursday evening.

Anyone can propose a lightning talk. Submissions will be collected closer to the event.

🍸 Pre-registration evening

To enjoy the full conference its best to arrive the evening before the first day (unless you're in one of our workshops, in which case you'll already be there). So our registration desk will be open on Tuesday evening for you to collect your badge and goodies bag. But we'll also have the bar open, so why not stick around for some socialising too?

✚ Sponsored content

We have nice long 90-minute lunch breaks, but if you want more content the second half of each lunch break is open to additional material in the main hall provided by some of our sponsors. While this is explicitly sponsored content these talks are usually technically appealing so why not hang out and see what they have to say? (these sessions will appear on the schedule as details become finalised).

This is a packed schedule that you're not going to want to miss!

Workshops and speakers for 2024

27th April 2024 at 19:21

We're pleased to be able to unveil our selection of speakers and workshops for this year's C++ on Sea.


Nico Josuttis speaking

We have five workshops: three 2-day and two 1-day workshops. The 2-day workshops are from Nico Josuttis, Klaus Iglberger and Walter E. Brown. The 1-day workshops, from Amir Kirsh and Jason Turner, have a common thread of safety-by-design, so while they are completely independent classes, taking both of them back-to-back could be seen as another de-facto 2-day workshop!

Full details of all the workshops can be found on the dedicated workshops page.


We're working on the full schedule and it will be published soon. In the meantime the speaker selection has been made - so we've put together a page listing all the speakers with their sessions. That way you can already get a good idea what to expect.

Find the speaker overview page, here.

Welcoming Bloomberg as our Platinum sponsor for 2024

20th March 2024 at 18:01

As we gear up for our 2024 event we're pleased to say that Bloomberg are already onboard as our Platinum sponsor!

If you're looking for your next move Bloomberg are always looking out for talented C++ developers to join them.

Let's hear from them in their own words:

Bloomberg is building the world's most trusted information network for financial professionals. Our 9,000+ engineers are dedicated to advancing and building new systems for the Bloomberg Terminal and other products to solve complex, real-world problems.

C++ is one of our core programming languages. We are constantly pushing the language to its limits because our code needs to be scalable, reliable, and extremely fast β€” especially since every microsecond counts in the finance industry. Our C++ experts build everything from low-level libraries and components to some of the most performant financial applications, analytics, and trading systems in the world. They also contribute to the C++ Standards Committee (WG21). Learn more at TechAtBloomberg.com/cplusplus.

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