Sponsored: Meta-Programming in low latency trading

Edward Catmur

60 minute session
13:00-13:45, Tuesday, 5th July 2022

This talk aims to provide a high-level overview of how Maven uses template meta-programming within its codebase. We will provide high-level structural overviews of frameworks, with code samples showcasing techniques.

The aim is to showcase the diversity of techniques used throughout the codebase.

Edward Catmur

I joined Maven a little over 8 years ago. I began in a small team working alongside the Options Market Makers, which has quickly grown to over 30 Developers across Execution and Core Technology.

As the business grew, I sought a new venture, Digital Assets. Maven's Digital Assets team began nearly a year ago with a few traders and one developer. We’ve grown to 5 developers, with more to come. 

The Digital Assets journey continues, we explore various ways to implement C++ to enhance our trading activity.