Compile- and Run-Time Dependency Injection

Marius Feilhauer

60 minute session
18:30-19:30, Wednesday, 13th July 2022

Creating and managing dependencies sustainably is a challenge every software developer stumbles across. C++ offers different possibilities to realize dependency injection.

This talk is based on our experience of handling dependencies in a large embedded software project while maintaining its components and test suite.
The presentation provides practical insights of how to apply dependency injection.

It focuses on

  • Different techniques for managing dependencies with C++
  • Unit Testing and different seams to inject fakes
  • Lessons learned on usability of the different approaches
  • Runtime performance
unit testing

Marius Feilhauer

I'm a passionate C++ software developer who studied automotive engineering and got a PhD on Simulation-based validation of advanced driver assistance systems. If not enjoying music or time with my family I'm working on autonomous mowers and holding lectures on software development at the University of Stuttgart.