Keynote: All the Safeties

Sean Parent

60 minute session
09:30-10:30, Wednesday, 28th June 2023

Safety is a hot topic. What do we mean by "safety"? How does it relate to correctness? What about security? This talk proposes a taxonomy of general computer science terminology with specifics about how it applies to C++ and how this better understanding can be used to write Better Code.

better code

Sean Parent

Sean Parent is a senior principal scientist and software architect managing Adobe's Software Technology Lab. Sean first joined Adobe in 1993 working on Photoshop and is one of the creators of Photoshop Mobile, Lightroom Mobile, and Lightroom Web. In 2009 Sean spent a year at Google working on Chrome OS before returning to Adobe. From 1988 through 1993 Sean worked at Apple, where he was part of the system software team that developed the technologies allowing Appleā€™s successful transition to PowerPC.