Everything I wish they told me about linkers

Ofek Shilon

60 minute session
09:15-10:15, Thursday, 29th June 2023

Linking is one of those things we don't bother thinking about until something goes wrong - and when it inevitably does, we are all too often lost.

In this talk we'll dive deep into the linking and loading operations. This will include low level inspection of binaries structure, clarification of static vs dynamic linkage, and particular emphasis on Linux vs. Windows idiosyncrasies. If you ever caught yourself blankly staring at opaque linker error messages, this talk is for you.

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Ofek Shilon

A Mathematics MA by training, but a 20Y C++ developer, writer and speaker in both the Linux and MS universes. Fascinated by compilers, debuggers and pretty much anything low level. Fiercely hated by his cat for no apparent reason.