Being RESTful with billions of dollars in transactions, thanks to C++, JSON and HTTP.

Kevin Carpenter

60 minute session
15:15-16:15, Friday, 30th June 2023

I have been building restful interfaces in C++ using nlohmann::json and cpp-httplib for the past three years. Learn the basics of these two libraries with the pros and cons we have found from implementing our platform with them. Get the basics of how Restful APIs like Stripe are created. Understand how using and converting to strong types and using proper design patterns will make your life easier in the future. Further, share in the experience gained from implementing them in credit card transaction systems with Mastercard/Visa. See how you can use JSON and/or HTTP to interface with almost anything.


Kevin Carpenter

I have in technology for over 30 years, 17 of those developing applications for in C++. The last fourteen years have been working in finance. First on the modeling and simulation side and now more recently in the transaction processing. Taking over a legacy application has been an adventure in not only managing the code but finding ways to bring it into the current century while still maintaining business ROI for all the changes that are made.